Why Ico

In the crypto ecosystem, an ICO refers to an intial coin offering. An ICO simply involves the public sale of a coin to investors who wish to hold the coin with the view of earning returns from it as well as enjoy access to certain services or rewards.

We have a total of 20,000,000,000 crypto tokens in supply of these tokens, 190,000,000 of them we will put for sale in the initial coin offering. This will offer investors a chance to have a stake in our crypto so they can start earning passive income and rewards.

Benefits of Using Our Solutions

As an entity that is pioneering the integration of e-commerce and the Blockchain, there are several outstanting features that we have strived to offer our users. The main purpose of these features is to optimize utility and convenience for Synergy.surf users.

A reliable source of income

People will earn passive income from their investment. All the transactions made on our e-commerce platforms, 2% of the proceeds are directed to holders of our coin.

Safe & Secure

There are several outstanding security features developed like authentication authorization, encryption, logging, and application security testing.


The token has a limited supply pegged at 92,233,720,368 tokens. We have also implemented a mechanism for purchasing back our coin from the market to ensure it is immune from inflationary pressures.

Higher efficiency, lower costs

We work with the best Blockchain security professionals. This will help to expose any potential vulnerabilities and provide our security experts a chance to rectify those issues before they are exploited.

Efficient & Economical

We want to be efficient and we are choosing to reward the most active users accordingly, also most of the profits will be reinvested in the app so you'll have incentives every step of the way.


The success of our enterprise is not only based on quality service and product delivery but also on our ethical capacity. Our investors will be able to fully understand our processes and the basis of our decision-making.

ICO Token Details

Our Token sale is grown in a rapid way in recent months, and we received the support of 200000 investors in different countries

Next Start

Jan 15, 2023 (9:00 AM GMT)

Next End

Mar 15, 2023 (9:00 AM GMT)

Acceptable Currencies

TRX (Tron)

Number of Tokens for Sale


Tokens exchange rate

1 SYRF = 31 TRX, 1 USD = 2 SYRF

Minimal Transaction

10 Tokens / Transaction

Our Roadmap

Mar 2021
Innovation starts, the first drafts are laid out and investments plans are created
May 2021
Funding of 2 million USD is invested in creating SoMe? app and Blockchain technology
JUl 2021
Establishing the C-level Management team, the CTO and the design team
Nov 2021
Prototype is completed and core structure of development is started
Nov 2021
Blockchain development is started and UI/UX is working on structures
Mar 2022
The blockchain is running and the first test is made. It is added to metamask and we made first coin transfer
May 2022
Planning ICO entry and development of ICO web is executed
JUl 2022
Testing KYC
ICO platform is done and testing of kyc is in final process
Nov 2022
Ready for market
Synergy.surf development is completed and is ready for market. We expect to invest 10.000.000 USD in Staff and marketing
Sep 2022
First ICO
First ICO is planned with a fixed entry price at 0.5 USD and expectations is 20.000.000 USD in funding
Jan 2023
Second ICO
Second ICO is planned to with a fixed price at 1 USD, expectations in 10.000.000 in funding
Mar 2023
Our Plan
Our plan is to have 25.000.000 user all over the world and for more than 100.000 Business to sell on our E-commerce platform
May 2023
Third ICO
Second ICO is planned to with a fixed price at 1.5 USD, expectations in 10.000.000 in funding
Sep 2023
Coin Valuation
Join exchanges, increase the value of the coin by spreading the world more and more into the market
Jul 2023
Coin Purchase
The revenue form ads sales is of 100.000.000 USD and we start the buyback program to remove inflation
Nov 2023
Venture Capital
SYNERGY venture capital is established and the main goal is to invest in ecommerce, startups and blockchain tech

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