The World's 1st ICO Platform That Offers Rewards

Synergy is the coin that has the potential to change your future.
This coin will allow you to trade extensively and generate massive profits.

cost of Coin: 31 TRX

Setup Profile for Free

Setting up your profile is totally free and also it includes KYC verification process, in order to prevent fraud

Secure Deposit

We let you deposit fiat or crypto in a completely secure manner through our platform

Buy Coins

We made buy or sell coins process simple. You can always buy and sell your coins to anyone at any time on our platform without any hassle


Why to choose SYNERGY?

Our ICO platform is built with some exciting features required to make ICO a big success

Passive Income System

2% of every transaction with Synergy is deducted and redistributed to our pool of holders. It means that just by holding it you will see the number of coins increasing automatically everyday as the community transacts.

Deflationary Currency

An additional 2% of the amount of all transactions is taken out of circulation, meaning that our coin supply is constantly shrinking and making your Synergy increase in value with time.

Anti-Whale Trap

Everyone is expected to make profit but we want profit to be for everyone. Synergy is coded in a way that prevents big wallet holders (whales) from trying to manipulate the price in their favour or from dumping the coin by selling out.

How to Buy

Our Coin With a real world use case create on the blockchain network

Register your details with correct email id and wait for the approval

Once your details are approved you can buy coins by paying TRX

Go to the wallet and then use buy options to get your coin

Our Future Roadmap